Our History

Established in 2003

Ladies First is the only full service all womens facility in the Antelope Valley. We have developed a lifestyle brand that represents outstanding service - especially kindness, value, quality, expertise, innovation, attention to detail, leadership and results. The community has embraced our establishment and made us the go to facility for charity events, corporate wellness, YOLO project and focus groups for community change. 

Recently, Ladies First has taken on the challenge of getting women fully immersed into fitness by offering the "Lose 20lbs in 6 Weeks Challenge". We have created an unparalleled experience that engages members in fitness and wellbeing and delivering transformative results. 

Ladies First is the place where friendships are developed, kids are loved, bodies are transformed, stress is relieved and finding your inner beauty is innevitable. Life is too short to go anywhere else! Welcome to a different way of living and thinking. A Ladies First team member is waiting for you.


Our Vision

At Ladies First, we realize there are no quick fixes. If you have tried to feel younger, look better and enjoy life more, yet failed; Ladies first is the best solution for getting you back on the path to healthy living. Ladies First is supported by a fun and social environment. Our team has the experience to help you succeed.Ladies first delivers results! You can look, feel, and move to the full extent of your potential. We strive to help you exceed expectations with our facilities, services, and ability to empower you with understandable truth so that you may control your body and make positive changes!Ladies first has the environment, the equipment, and the super human support you need to achieve your fitness goals. We are Fitness for Every Woman! (without the waiting). We are owner operated (on-site daily). Thanks to our on-site cleaning and maintenance team, this is one of the cleanest exercise facilities you'll ever see.

Owner Spotlight

Name: Michole LeNay McBroom

Occupation: Mother, Accountant, Gym Owner/Operator

Birthdate: May 17th

Education: Business Degree from Cal State University Northridge

Place of Birth: Stockton, California

Kids: Austin and Landon McBroom

Parents: McKinley and Shirley Kemp

Siblings: Monique Stefanovic

Dogs: Kolbe (Shippoo) and Scoobi (Labradoodle)

I have owned Ladies First Fitness and Spa since 2003. I went into this venture with my husband at the time, Allen McBroom. I was not an avid gym rat like Allen but financials are my forte. I only wanted to be responsible for the accounting and hire the best people to provide fitness and expertise and customer service to our members. A business venture that started out as a side hobby from my regular Controller positions at large corporations slowly became a passion of love.

I LOVE Ladies First Fitness and Spa and all the beautiful women that have come through our doors. Ladies First is so much more than just a gym but a place to feel accepted, appreciated, understood, inspired and welcome. Women face many challenges as Mothers, Wives and Providers. We are very strong and amazing people that are so focused on others that we neglect ourselves.

I have learned after a 23-year marriage ending that everything does not make sense but LIFE goes on. I have taken this time to reflect on my life and realize that I want much more for myself and my family. I am putting my needs first in order to be an inspiration for my children and a pleasant and giving spirit for everyone I meet. There have been many times in the past that I have felt defeated and alone but with the grace of God everything has worked out for the best.

I want to challenge every woman to put her needs first and not feel guilty. When you take care of yourself and LOVE you, then everyone benefits. If you were to reflect, you would see that most men in our lives take care of their needs. They hang with their friends to have fun, go to the gym to release stress or just get away from the family, join a men’s sport league to feel challenged, go back to school to further their career and feel accomplished, etc. And Ladies, there is nothing wrong with this. We need to do the same and stop being angry at our men because they are taking responsibility for making themselves happy. We need to take responsibility in making ourselves happy. DO NOT depend on anyone else to determine your fate. Take the time EACH day to pray, meditate or just be still so that you can feel with your heart instead of your head.

Happiness for me is being fit and healthy, working on myself and towards goals that I have set for my life, loving my body as it is and not as it used to be when I was 20, and counting my blessings daily. I even got a tattoo on my wrist of the word “Blessed” so that I could be reminded that no matter what, I am truly blessed and to be thankful. I have two beautiful, healthy children and a thriving gym that is a safe haven for so many amazing, beautiful and strong women. What more could I ask for? Not even a man could give me the peace I feel today; I have everything I need.

Thank you for being a member of Ladies First Fitness and Spa because without you, there would be no US.


Big Hairy Audacious Goals


Ladies First goal is to empower women to put their health and fitness first. We cannot take care of our families, friends, work, church and the many other daily tasks if we are not healthy. Ladies First provides a positive, safe, loving and inspirational environment to achieve your personal fitness goals. We believe every obstacle can be resolved when you focus on the AAAs - Arms, Abs and Ass. Sexy and Strong is our prescription for every woman. Come get your prescription today!

Ladies First Fitness & Spa

42015 10th St W,

Lancaster, CA 93534

Phone. 661-942-6496

Fax. 661-942-6497

Email. ladiesfirstcustomercare@ladiesfirstrocks.com


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